Venango Steel, Franklin, Pennsylvania
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Laser Cutting Services
We offer an integrated, single source operation to include fabrication, metal forming, high defintion plasma and laser cutting, machine services, and finishing solutions. Our entire operation is dedicated to producing only the finest parts for our customers.
Order amoxicillin online overnight Buy nolvadex tamoxifen citrate Gabapentin and pain medicine ABOUT US CONTACT US
Venango Steel is located in picturesque Franklin, PennsylvaniaThe Cutting Edge

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We offer a complete line of value-added secondary operations including custom metal forming and custom fabrications. We can have your material wet painted or custom powder coated. We will also provide bending service for parts that need shaped.

Venango Steel welcomes you to explore our website and learn more about how our business and broad range of services may fulfill your product needs. Please contact us toll free, or utilize our automated information request form to discuss your manufacturing requirements. We look forward to servicing your request and thank you for your business.

Venango Steel Inc | 1655 Pittsburgh Road | Franklin, PA 16323
814-437-9353 (WELD)| 866-437-9353 | Fax: 814-437-2658 (BOLT)


Listed below are just some of our capabilities to meet your manufacturing needs.

Laser Cutting
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: 6 x 12 ft table 3/4in mild steel, 1/2 inch stainless steel, 3/8 inch aluminum
High Definition Plasma Cutting : 40 x 9 ft table cut 2-1/4 inch thick material - 400 amps
: Oxy Fuel to 9 inch thick
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: mig, tig, flux core, aluminum, stainless steel, stick, and custom
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Metal form
: 250 ton press, 440 ton press,
pinch rolls
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Custom Cuts : CNC Marvel Saw 60 degree negative angle, Cincinnati Shear
: On site repair and assembly
Materials : Carbon Steel
: Stainless Steel
: Aluminum
: Pre coated materials
: Alloys

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